Sabrina Fields – Monroe, Michigan

Catfished by Sabrina Fields – Monroe, Michigan! That story you hear about that psycho bitch who will try to trap you with kids and stalk your every move!? Yes that’s her. Guys you have been warned, women hide your men you have also been warned. Do not leave your condoms after you nutt take them with you otherwise you’ll be a father to another mans child. She’s easy to give the pussy as long as you got 420 and vodka. You’ve been warned. When you see this face don’t look back run. Her name is SABRINA FIELDS originally from ohio. Shes known to trap guys with babies for child support. She has a son by the name of SHAWNKEL and another lil one with no idea of their fathers. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. She’s rumored to also have HIV aids so push your luck if you like


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