Ryan Duffy — Tucson, Arizona

Catfished by Ryan Duffy — Tucson, Arizona! guy has a girlfriend named Stephanie Cox, but will never tell you it is his GF. He will tell girls about how his heart is broken and they are breaking up. He tells girls to get hotels,but doesnt show up – and lies to Stephanie who believes anything he says. Within a few messages after meeting Ryan he will start sending you d1ck pics and asking you to buy things for him. After you sleep with him he will ghost you. This man is a liar, user, abuser. Man enough (30 yrs old) to have his mom (pamela reid) send emails of “harassment” on behalf of her perverted son, as he continues to send lude imessages and advances. This dude lives on with no consequences after wrecking lives, he preys on low self-esteem single moms, playing up to kids only to disappear after he gets the tang. True snake here


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