Rikka Alviot — La Union, Philippines

Catfished by Rikka Alviot — La Union, Philippines! I am a legal wife and working in a prestigious company. In my working area illicit affairs are like a normal thing. People are cheating their family even their husband and wife are with them. I decided to write on this page because I feel sorry for the original family because of one of the worst women I have ever known Rikka C. Alviar. The wife is just keeping mum on the situation but I know it kills her inside. She chose to be a decent woman and I really admire her for her strength. She didn’t put her husband on shamed in spite of what he had done to her. Meanwhile this woman is busy posting about her affair in Facebook about her affair. She is boasting that the man she steal’s from a very decent woman is with him now. I am just watching all the women in our office and I will put them one by one on this page. My mom was also a victim of this shameful person, and I saw her crying alone and fighting for our family. The world is changing and it is really scary. I always pray to God to keep my family away from these kind of people. Thanks, Concern legal wife.


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