Rachael Worsham — Sacramento, California

Catfished by Rachael Worsham — Sacramento, California! If you know this dumb ass whore Rachael Worsham run for your life. She will appear very nice and sweet but it’s all in the act, Trickery is her specialty and she is very good at both and very good at fooling people. She can’t even keep a simple job because she’s too damn lazy, Her favorite jobs in the world are sucking dick and sending nudes that’s all she’s good at doing. She’s a bad lier and tells so man stories it’s hard to keep track of what is true and what is false, She is no regard for anyone but herself what a douchebag for real. She will let guy’s and I do mean more than one at the same time do whatever they want to her for money and anything, Then when she is done she leaves you high and try and disappear into the night.


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