Paula Pajak – Chatham, Canada

Catfished by Paula Pajak – Chatham, Canada! She’s dating one guy banging his best bud, while also trying to get in bed with all his other friends! She is also a home wrecker! Paula went to Jamaica banged 4 guys 2 of them married, banged them while their wife was sleeping!! Summer time banged a guy while his girlfriend with new baby were at home!! She is a backstabbing piece of sh1t acts like she is friends with this blond while she tried banging her ex! Let alone this dirtbag is a drunk mess with no drinking stips on her! She is a gold digging piece of sh1t she came from nothing trying to get somewhere on her boyfriends family! While she out trying to find the next better thing cause the doctor she tried at the casino couldn’t stand her and ditched her dirty a55 there! Stay clear of this dirt bag she says she is a nurse but wouldn’t know the first thing about bedside manner unless she giving blowies to your man! Hey even your wife! She will try anything so peeps stay clear of this town bike everyone has had a turn!! She probably has everything that could be spread you can usually catch her with sores on her lips!!!


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