Mindy Teigen — Portland, Oregon

Catfished by Mindy Teigen — Portland, Oregon! Mindy L Teigen loves to flirt and screw married men. She will pretend to be a woman’s woman, like she’s your best gal pal. Everyone around her thinks she’s super sweet. But in reality…she’s F***king your husband. Sending messages pretending to be innocent and sweet and telling him how much they are meant to be together. Asking for money. She doesn’t care if she breaks up a family of over 20 years. Mindy just wants to ruin everything. Befriends family members to try and get closer and gets jobs at the place where your husband works so she can get closer. No one really wants her, even the man she was married to admittedly didnt touch her for over 10 years… so she is super desperate.


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