Mindy Murray – Cincinnati, Ohio

Catfished by Mindy Murray – Cincinnati, Ohio! Let us re-introduce ourselves to the #1 s**t bag and toxic waste of human life in the tri-state area. Mone other than Mindy Murray. This lying, stealing, drug using, cheating, disease filled POS needs put down and put away for good. She loves dope, loves to lie and manipulate, loves stealing from elderly people when they aren’t paying attention. She screws over good people, and cheats on boyfriends so she can be a lesbian for her own benefit. While carrying and passing stds in the process. We’re talking about a saint that has 19 mugshots, one receiving stolen property and five thefts on her record. While she sleeps with every single male and female in the tri-state area that she possibly can. Giving them every STD imaginable.

Mindy Murray will go ghost and block good people on social media so she can surround herself with wastes of filth. This is because she lacks the adequate discipline to confront you as an adult. S**t bag Mindy never learned how to be truthful and has no life morals. This is because she would rather live “that life” instead of being a mother to her daughter and someone she cares very little about. While blocking people on social media to mask her callousness, something she truly loves doing. She is one of the proud and well known pathological liars and s**t bags you will ever meet and will drive you crazy. She needs to be put down and out as a result so the tri-state area can just be outright toxic free once and for all.


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