Merilee Page – San-diego, California

Catfished by Merilee Page – San-diego, California! Well I have actually been seeing this woman for 4 years. While we were with each other she would certainly remove while she left her 3 youngsters with me. She would certainly most likely to bench or gambling establishment and also beverage and also obtain high smelling, cigarette smoking, all of it utilizing whoever had it. She would certainly wind up talking to guys she would certainly inform them she is being vocally as well as emotionally over used in your home which she remains for her children. These individuals would certainly really feel poor for her and also she would certainly obtain them to spend for every little thing although she had loan in her pocket. They f * cked her and also she marketed it stating she was aiming to obtain a location to grow the seed. They would certainly believe that she had passion in them utilizing them for every little thing. She would certainly get back f * ck me and also go back as well as forth in between men. Constantly on her phone establishing her following step. She had more than 40 individuals on her obstructed telephone call checklist reason she left them high and also completely dry and also most likely brokenhearted reason she plays off pf this link that she would certainly locate as well as manipulate it to the max. As she would certainly remain to maintain her alternatives coming imitating she’s solitary when she has a man in your home seeing her children as well as men she’s speaking with or evading everywhere. So her as well as I mosted likely to the gambling enterprise and afterwards after she shed as well as understood I had not been offering her my loan. We left and also as we were leaving this individual strolls up possibly her most recent fool and also he claims do not check out me do not touch me obtain the f * ck far from me. I resembled wtf she quits him and also pleads with him as I state releases. He has to of had cash money reason she wound up sticking with him as well as I left questioning just what occurred I informed her that her sh * t would certainly remain in her vehicle and also given that she really did not pay rental fee anyways she was not welcome. Well involved discover that was a person that she was playing reason 2wks later on after she melted all the locations she might go she came sobbing back to me imitating she intends to be with her youngsters and also a number of various other sh1t. So 1st evening back and also she removes once again i recognize its not to the individual at the casino site reason he f * ckin informed her off and also called her out he wound up twaring her grill off her vehicle, i do not condemn him. So currently she’s back as well as currently as much as her exact same dress up f * cking men as well as obtaining high and afterwards returning. I assume she requires a rehabilitation program as well as a DRD examination she has a perspective that runs out control when? She obtains so mad or weeps she is so damn clingy she never ever has gas or cigarette or cash for anything however she could be at the gambling enterprise and also still obtaining high as well as having brand-new points without a work she is a rushing floozy, The sh1t component is she is so determined on informing individuals when she fulfills them what does it cost? she does not such as all the habits that she is doing as well as declares she never ever does these points she thinks her very own lies which all that issues create she could never ever be incorrect. The only time she sees incorrect is when individuals around her typically aren’t doing things for her and after that attempts to make them bent on be the item of sh1t. She’s linkeded on dope tablets d * ck sucking sobbing adjusting as well as not providing a f * ck concerning her children as well as just what her options as well as exactly how they impact them does to individuals that may still appreciate her yet she is beginning to be revealed a growing number of as well as she is weeping increasingly more to draw away concentrate on her activities and also obtain incorrect compassion so she could return to doing just what she does ideal being an existing making use of f * cking ruthless slore, needing to whip her sh * t each time she leaves one man and also fulfilling the next.She states she is getting a task as well as vacate my home however i assume she is utilizing several of her old techniques and also a couple of brand-new ones to get me ideal where she desires me, as well as she could be right in the house cost-free as well as having her cake and also everybody elses as well.


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