Maureen Roddy — New Hampshire

Catfished by Maureen Roddy — New Hampshire! This girl is straight trash and has cheated on every guy she’s ever been with. She finds a replacement before she breaks up with you. She does percs and drinks like it’s her job. She will use until you have nothing left. She took my buddy for thousands. I’m suppose to be her friend but i can’t even stand the whore. Coked up banging multiple guys at once or at least in a day is more than anyone can stand to see. She disgust her own family. Running through her bothers friends and even her mothers. Age has no limit for this cum dumpster. I feel bad for the last couple of guys she’s seen. I get to meet them and know what horrors await the poor fools. Her obsession with ruining guys lives and playing to their heart strings has to stop. She’s also a fellon to make it even sweeter. Guess this is the place to share my concerns for all the clean penis still left in her life. Wrap it, ram it and run gents.


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