Mary Samarrippas — Selmer, Tennessee

Catfished by Mary Samarrippas — Selmer, Tennessee! Mary Samarrippas is a dope fiend, looking for married and/or men who are taken, uses them for pills and meth, and doesn’t care who’s life she ruins. She had an on again/off again man who had her back through thick and thin, and apparently she ended up having a baby who was not his but his BEST FRIEND’s!! That baby was taken by Child Protective Services. She moves from man to man, even sometimes more than one man at a time. She expects them to take care of her while she stays high. She can barely keep her eyes open. She’s broke, she will beg men for money for probation (once again she’s been released for selling drugs). You, of all people, deserve to be on here. You are the worst excuse for a human being, a waste of space. I actually tried to find a better picture, but I do not use social media so this is all I could get. Good luck to anyone stepping into her trap. Oh, and if she’s your current girlfriend, get checked for STDs. Just saying.


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