Marie Tolentino Devanadera — Laguna, Philippines

Catfished by Marie Tolentino Devanadera — Laguna, Philippines! There is terrible woman living in the Alaminos, Laguna Philippines named Marie (Yumi) Devanadera Tolentino. This disgusting woman had an affair with my husband after knowing he was married. She harassed our families, created fake profiles on Facebook and Instagram to get our attention, because my husband didn’t want her. She worked as an escort in Orchard Towers in Singapore and has 4-5 children with different men. She asked my husband for 10K and she would stop posting pictures and harassing our family. She is a very sad sad woman who is desperate for a man with money or a visa. My husband is gross to have encountered this hideous person. She dates any man and just wants a free ride!! She said she was pregnant a day after my husband told her it was over and now she has a baby claiming it’s his! I’ve seen her with many many different guys in pictures and it’s clear she’s a dirty [email protected] with no morals!! Yumi Marie, whatever your name is… you’re a disgusting woman and I feel sorry for you because you have no life and only prey on married men. Your gross and should be ashamed of yourself. Be a mother to your 5 kids instead of screwing men who don’t give a sh*t about you.


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