Maggie Garrity – Chicago, Illinois

Catfished by Maggie Garrity – Chicago, Illinois! Here is another so called “model” from modelsclubelite. You can’t fool anyone that is a floozy website. Her pseudo alias is Autumn but her name is Maggie Garrity. She is second top escort in Chicago. Like Kylie, she has seen almost all of the men in Chicago in the 3 years she has been selling herself for 420 a hour. Again, who hasn’t seen Autumn for some bedroom fun? She Does only GFE, so no anal like Kylie’s, ( Kat) menu offerings. Autumn is another great cumdumpster from what reviews lists. Admissions for dental school would look at her floozywork as unprofessional and not up to their standards. I wouldn’t let her be my dentist. Like Kylie she has no values nor respect. Her parents must be proud that she is selling her body for money. There are more girls to come….


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