Madeleine McNabb – Toronto, Canada

Catfished by Madeleine McNabb – Toronto, Canada! Writing this anonymously as Maddy and I used to be best friends and spent years growing up together and we grew apart. This girl changed over the years. Let me start off by saying she became extremely distant to her friends as she started floozying in Toronto sleeping around with older rich men for money. Her instagram shows her travelling the world but not on her coin. She gets men to fly her around on “vacation” so she could go sleep with them. I’ve heard she gets paid for some of these hang outs. Disgusting that she works full time and went to university all while opening her legs for money. I know a guy who flew her out for a one night stand and had sex with her as soon as she met him in person. Quite filthy. I’m only writing this because she’s a very shady character even as friends she did a lot of questionable things. Do not trust her At all. She has a disgusting personality and is bi polar. She will literally manipulate you and even accuse you of things that are not true. In conclusion she’s a tramp. If you’re a girl she definitely is back stabbing you to other girls. If you’re a guy she is probably going to fuk you for money, leave you an DRD and fuk a friend of yours the next weekend. Don’t know who on earth would hire this bi polar person to work for them.


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