Lauren McCurdy — Seriveille, Tennessee

Catfished by Lauren McCurdy — Seriveille, Tennessee! Her name is Lauren McCurdy. She is a certified dog groomer, so please be careful if you see her and don’t let her take care of your dogs. She stole pills from me, money and a lot more from my life. I helped her out since I knew her from high school, and she slept with my husband while I was three months pregnant. He confessed finally after I found a picture of her breasts and her vagina. I ended up kicking out my husband, and lost the baby due to the stress. This was in back in the Fall. For the last few months I been having symptoms of being really tired, sick, and have lost a lot of weight, common symptoms of HIV. I am getting tested in a few weeks, in order to get the most accurate results. She also has three kids, and I feel so sorry for those angels. No child deserves a mother who destroys homes, and has slept with more than 100 guys unprotected. DO NOT TRUST OR HELP THIS HOMEWRECKER. It was the biggest mistake of my life, and could ruin my career if I test positive.


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