Kenny Herrera – Phoenix, Arizona

Catfished by Kenny Herrera – Phoenix, Arizona! Az central released a story about sexual harassment at Club LUXX, why doesn’t this surprise me one bit? I guess is because is not the first time something like this happens. Let’s not forget this place was called “Silver” and got shut down because of one of the owners got a rape charge (which was posted on the Scottsdale dirty) then got sold and renamed LUXX and is now running under the same people who got the rape charges SURGENIGHTS. Azcentral says club manager “Kenny Herrera” is not being cooperative and is no surprise either since he has his own skeletons, he sleeps with his employees but again no surprise because one of his ex employees once took it to social media exposing him and he then paid her to take down her posts. Herrera somehow started dating this gorgeous woman (a pic of her will be posted so you know I’m not lying) whom he was using to make him look good but no surprise she is no longer with him since she found out all the dirt he had going on. This man had her working for him running the club as he would keep himself busy in that famous basement of LUXX Where he would take pictures and videos of his doings then brag about it by sharing it with his male employees. I’m glad azcentral decided to finally expose one of the many things that go on in that club.


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