Kenisha Fagin — Mankato, Minnesota

Catfished by Kenisha Fagin — Mankato, Minnesota! This nasty herpes infested bitch got my friends husband drunk one night while she and the kids were away taking care of her dying mother.. she went in my friends house got naked in front of him and ducked him in their bed. She new he was married and with his wife for 20 years plus had 4 kids together. The husband told this nasty girl that he wanted nothing to do with her ever and she kept black mailing the husband. My friend found out about everything in October and even though they are still married and working their marriage out this bitch is going around lying saying that her and the husband are in love and she will do whatever it takes to get the wife outta the picture. She don’t care if a man is married or not she will guck him and try and get pregnant by him. She has 4 kids by 4 different men and 1 on the way. That alone should tell you she ain’t even worthy of being a side chick. Lmfao


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