Kelsey Fleck – Ottawa

Catfished by Kelsey Fleck – Ottawa! This woman Kelsey fleck is a crazy manipulating floozy who has had sex with over 150 people by the age of 19 and has never used a condom in her life. She engages in committed long term relationships with multiple guys at the same time and plays them against each other in her own twisted gladiator match. She cheats on them as well with any guy who asks. At the same time she secretl goes behind the backs of the men she’s dating and tries desperately to hide the truth of the slore she is . BEWARE!! She has contracted DRD and knowingly infected multiple guys with DRD etc as getting multiple diseases and needing treatment from guys she sleeps with This woman is scum of the earth and is a compulsive liar who makes up stories of her exes abusing her in order to manipulate men and gain sympathy. Instagram- kelsf17.


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