Kayla Barron — Atlanta, Georgia

Catfished by Kayla Barron — Atlanta, Georgia! !!!WARNING!!! KAYLA BARRON should not be trusted! Kayla Barron is a Con-artist and a cheater who will create disfunctiontional situations to take advantage of good-natured people in some attempt to fuel a thrill and support her own habbits. Don’t forget she is a realtor and she will meet your husband in a house for sex or blow jobs. She admitedly(in written and verbal communication) hacked into my email, willfully endangers my child, and likes to play the victim claiming that she is a battered woman. We met 2 years ago in August 2016 on a dating website, after a year of being close friends she told me considered herself “single” and ready to leave her abusive relationship. After she talked me out of my bad relationship she initiated our sexual relationship in August 2016 under the guise of building a long term relationship and eventually a family together down the road. After months of a long distance relationship and her asking me to help her get a job in my area, I landed her the job she has now, at a place that I used to work at myself. As soon as she moved back to the area she all but broke off contact with me, her “bestest friend”(her words not mine) and stoped being intimate in every way possible. When i confronted her about it and the inconsistancy of her stories she got indignant and said “shit changed, I grew up and matured”, then she tried to hold my helping her against me by stating I pressured her into this job! She will now say I am some crazy psycho stalker even though I am moving to Texas.

Kayla Barron
Cell: 404-513-1051
Email: [email protected]


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