Justin R Wilson — Indianapolis, Indiana

Catfished by Justin R Wilson — Indianapolis, Indiana! This is a man who enjoys having multiple girl friends at one time. He claims to be faithful all while living the life of a single guy when he chooses. He has serious girl friends as well as one night stands and “friends” that he sleeps with. He is a firefighter, 24 hour shifts and a continuous changing schedule makes this life very possible. I spent 5 years as his “ girl friend” all the while he claimed he was faithful and that he loved me. It was all lies. He was sleeping with multiple women and he even had another girl he would sometimes take to family gatherings! At times he would see multiple girls on the same day. This man lies, cheats, manipulates…. and will even involve your children. STAY AWAY. He is not a good person. He will tell you…. you are special…. cheat on you…. break your heart…. and then never look back….just for fun and because he can. He completely disrespects and looks down on all women… to him they are only to be used and abused. STAY AWAY.


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