Johnell Raly — Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Catfished by Johnell Raly — Ocean Springs, Mississippi! OMG! This fat w***e that smells like cat fish use to own a smoke shop around here to quit smoking, and would greet you walking in with a cigarette small town joke type of place. The b***h use to hook up with my friend he was a mechanic, and one day I walked in and she had on a strap on and was f**king him while another guy was watching. I knew her boyfriend Mark Hall, I went to tell him, and I couldn’t, never went back to that store. Man she was a fat b***h too, he was a good man. Since my wife has been f**king around on me, I feel guilty for not telling him. Hell the whole town knew she cried he wouldn’t f**k her and begged for it from everyone.

She was too nasty to f**k, but d**n! That’s the man she was cheating on she offered me a b******b one time, but she has an adult retarded b***h in the store that day, and I was freaked out. The b***h posted this two days after offering me oral, she did give d**n good head.


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