James Pryal – Escanaba, Michigan

Catfished by James Pryal – Escanaba, Michigan! WARNING! Trust this man at your own risk! His ‘game’ is a smooth one, obviously honed after years of practice. Women, Beware of this man. If he contacts you run as fast as you can. I can not warn you enough. Stay as far away as you can from him. He has Genetial and Oral Herpes. He does not disclose this information but his baby momma showed me proof. He will use you, lie to you, he wants nothing but sex from you. He is on every Internet dating website out there. He has profiles (usually hidden) on most of the popular dating sites. He is very sweet and considerate, doesn’t ask overly personal questions & is very quick to make you feel naturally comfortable chatting with you. Jim uses women for their money. He prays on the ones he thinks are weak and will use them for every dime they have. He cries about his kids and will lie to you about them. 4 kids by 4 different moms not just one! He claims to be a Fishing Guide but is not! Tries to train dogs but all he does is treat them badly! His criminal record is long with theft and many other things! Do not trust this man. He will use you for everything you have worked hard for! He will not pay you back and will cry the blues to get you to help! Watch yourself with him and for goodness shakes use protection with him! He don’t and can’t even pay his child support!


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