James Aardsma from Crestwood, Il is scum

Catfished by James Aardsma from Crestwood, Il is scum! I was dating this person (after what he put me through he shouldn’t be classified as a man he’s far from it) for two and a half years and we lived together. A month ago we get in an argument that could have been talked about and worked out but instead he tells me he wants me to move out and avoided talking to me at all, no communication and avoiding coming home for 2 straight weeks. Come to find out he has been sleeping with some disgusting married slut for quite some time. He’s a lying cheating alcoholic cocaine addict. I don’t understand how someone can treat a person like they love them so much one day (what he was doing to me) and be cheating on them and break their heart so bad in the blink of an eye. I loved him with all my heart and tried to work things out with him and he refused to even so much as text me back to work things out because he had been cheating on me with some married whore he met on tinder.


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