Jada Pitre — Winnipeg, Canada

Catfished by Jada Pitre — Winnipeg, Canada! This Bitch Jada Pitre looks like an ugly catfish, She has got her ass beat 55 times and she still talks shit, This cunt is the rudest and judgemental person I have ever met! My poor mom loves everyone but not this dumbass bitch. I went to high school with Jada in Selkirk and no guy wanted her because she is flat chested like a board. I was her enemy at first then we became friends because of mutual ones, This troll looking like a catfish, ruined it by using her trash talking mouth. She has no clue on how or when to keep her mouth shut. You tell her anything the whole world will know. She looks fuken deformed and doesn’t even notice.. just helping u out Jada!


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