HIV+ Maciej Setniewski Raw Fu¢Ked Every One at HuTong Sauna


Lead8 Polish senior assistant director White Supremacy he is the queen of rice. He is clinically addicted to marathon $ex with methamphetamine, who loves pornography and having $ex without a condom with Asian men. He is a narcissistic incubator, pathological liar, antagonist of bags with scum devoid of conscience, devoid of conscience, bad and broken, soulless, thirsty for empty money, son of a bitch.
Has a complex: he is racist against the Chinese and discriminates against their culture, but he is obsessed with the fu¢king Chinese male anus. That’s why he likes rough abusive S&M $ex with them in bed and being a bossy male-chauvinist by day. meets all his future friends for fu¢king in the gay sauna HuTong in Mongkok Kowloon in Hong Kong. His ritual is very high CHEM – on GHB, Meth crystals, pøppers and Viagra. He literally stays naked in a misty steam room until the sun rises.
He is so proud of his inclusion that he has never missed any male anus. Without condoms, she fu¢ks with every Asian step to the steam room. One evening visit can infect dozens of other people with HIV. This is beyond the threat to public health. He is the ticking time bomb. This low devil of life is probably a collector of chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea. Hepatitis, herpes, HPV, syphilis

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