HIV+ Maciej Igor SETNIEWSKI — How I Infect the World

Catfished by HIV+ Maciej Igor SETNIEWSKI — How I Infect the World! Hong Kong Polish Lead-8 architect Maciej SETNIEWSKI likes Design Photography Architecture BUT he loves having sex on crystal meth Ghb. Me and him on and off FWB dating because I am from Taipei. He told me to visit his flat in Sheungwan, a sex party with 8 people. I asked him if the condom he is wearing, he said “yes” and he is safe and PREP, and I found out he his no condom, and read about he is Hiv+ online. i can only want to warn you the readers. HE IS THE the one who gave me the virus, that face lies and sweet talk and like to ejaculate inside with no protection. Horrible psycho liar disease spreader and the doctor said I may have other STDs, HPV or HepC


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