Hailey Pliler — Branson, Missouri

Catfished by Hailey Pliler — Branson, Missouri! Take a good look at this ugly ass troll. Hailey has been passed around Brandon like a doobie at a Willie concert. This fucked up individual is by far the biggest piece of garbage I’ve ever encountered. She fucks at least a guy a week….I don’t even want to guess on how many are in relationships. She prefers them in relationships and finds nothing morally wrong about it. She tries to rope them in her fucked up world by calls, texts, and naked photos…which is disturbing because nobody wants to see that pancake- no tits and no ass. She has been known to follow married men in the restroom at bars and drop to her knees. She makes a living by having a threesome with a man and woman on webcam porn and finds that useful to boast about when trying to seduce a man. How proud of her mommy V will be someday when she is old enough to realize Mommy lost her because she can’t take the straw out of her nose. Thank goodness she has a daddy and Stepmom that intervened and rescued her from a life of Hailey’s piss poor parenting skills and all around life skills. Hailey’s Dad should have pulled out and shot this ratchet skank on the sheets to save us all from having to listen to the toxic bullshit she spews. Saying this waste of life us the gum on the bottom of my shoe is being too kind. Ladies….keep your guys away from this trailer park reject.


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