Fred Allen Lang, Salem, Oregon

Catfished by Fred Allen Lang, Salem, Oregon! FRED LANG cheated with my wife and he had a 3 month affair with her. I had been friends with fred for over 30 years. I had a drinking problem that left my wife feeling unhappy with me. Fred took advantage of this and came up with a plan to try and make her his. He started calling and texting her 20-30-50 and more times a day encourging her to leave me and be with him. He bought her gifts and told her he loved her. Fred did not care what it would do to our friendship, what it would do to my family. He groomed her and told her what she needed to to hear to feel better about herself. Well he finally had sex with her 1 time……and her could barley get it up… and after 45 min couldn’t climax……he suffers from erectile dysfuntcion. Sure she’s just as much to blame for the affair, but thats a entire different story, and outcome….This post is simply to expose fred lang for the lowlife scumbag piece of s**t he really is….. He’s on facebook…. fred lang and fredlang94 in salem oregon.


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