Evangelos Mylonakis – Canada

Catfished by Evangelos Mylonakis – Canada! Beware, to this ugly horrible man. He’s full of STDs. His real name is Evangelos Mylonakis, from Montreal and New-York. From the nickname called Angelo .. Attention to you these parents of young teenagers online and those who have young sisters, yes, always have an eye open on your girls or on those of your sisters. This psychopath, Evangelos Mylonakis, full of vices and his psychopathic entourage, both clever, monstrous and sadistic, raped, lied and attracted online these young women whose naïve and they spread their STDs on these naïve girls and women in Montreal and New York. As well as these so-called cops, continue to sexually harass these young women by using their full powers over them and threatening them so that they cannot talk about their heinous crimes.


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