Estella Karla Garcia Bruni in Houston, Texas

Catfished by Estella Karla Garcia Bruni in Houston, Texas! Ok everyone please, please reconsider hiring this woman as your child’s nanny. She bashes her former boss and girlfriend after she was employed, treated as a family member, and even had her life saved when she was at the brink of suicide! Not to mention she contributed to the drinking of minors while we were out of the house, without our consent. She has been known to be a predator of wealthy families and men to support her illness. It took innocent bystanders to stop her from drowning herself in the pool! This woman’s condition has to be taken as a serious medical condition. Her employment contract was terminated after the school reported her for trying to pick the children up while intoxicated. She then afterwards tried to kill herself in our own home. Please, please, please prior to exposing your children and family think carefully beforehand. If you can, you should retrieve her files from Ben Taub psychiatric ward department & have them reviewed before making your decision. If she is near you or someone you love, please lock away all alcohol & prescription medications. Please monitor her valid medications and see that she is not a danger to herself or to others. If you do find that she is a danger to herself or anyone you know, please dial 911 immediately and report her. She has been known to be administered at Ben Taub psychiatric hospital in Houston, Tx and be a predator of rich men & children.


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