Emmylou Knops — San Diego, California

Catfished by Emmylou Knops — San Diego, California! I just got into town and Checked in with my boy! Come to find out what I said meany years ago came true. EMMYLOU KNOPS. Is a “Home Wrecker” scum of the highest calibur. When my boy was on his world tour she cheated on Him with a younger guy she met through IG! She would take this Chump in front of the kids at there house and they saw it all. On top of doing drugs…Again and wrecking a good marriage Emmy…Karma will get you. Your not a real women you claim to be. A real women Handles theres not lie, cheat, steal. And set a bad example as a “mother”. He is your start of a gold star for being a “Lot Lizard” you shoul be a shamed of yourself you sick F#$%! You thought you could mess up a good man but you woke up a Lion!


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