Emma Guttormson — Winnipeg, Canada

Catfished by Emma Guttormson — Winnipeg, Canada! This crazy nasty whore sleeps around with every one of her boyfriend’s friends and I mean there is not one of his friends she hasn’t slept with. All she wants to sleep with you for is your drugs and money that’s all, She hangs with the nastiest men I mean wow. Beware of this cunt named Emma Guttormson she is a dirty ass whore, She also thinks it’s funny to cut and harm her self for attention wow this bitch is nuts! This crazy nut loves trapping older men but when they go down and look they find out how crusty her pussy looks and they see how crusty her panties are they run for the nearest exit holding their nose oh my. Please be safe around this woman, please. Emma Guttormson, you have been exposed!!!!


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