Dwight “Big D” Gorder, Crystal MN

Catfished by Dwight “Big D” Gorder, Crystal MN! Dwight “Big D” Gorder is a married man with a history of cheating on his wife. This man seduced his friend’s wife by telling her how he was in a loveless marriage and only with his wife for her money. Using the wife and her insecurities about her marriage to further gain her trust. Asked her to join him where his firefighter group was working at a carnival and watch fireworks together, which is where it all started. He carried on the affair while still pretending to be friends for almost 4 months. Talked to the friend, took pics together at sports activities and reacted to social media posts the entire time. He took advantage of the friend’s travel schedule to spend more time with friend’s wife. He even took a job at the same place of employment so that he would have an opportunity to see her. After being caught, he continues to try to contact the wife although he has sworn to his wife that it is over and that he wants work on their marriage. He also emailed her at her job and on her personal email, once asking her to bring him some monster drinks to work for him that morning and never paid her for them. This “man” is a lying, cheating snake that deserves to be outed to the entire world.


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