Catfished by DR. PAUL BISIO-UNBECOMING CONDUCT! Paul Bisio: DISHONORABLE CONDUCT!!!!!! This doctor and Air Force Officer (Lt. Colonel) always has many girlfriends at the same time. Promises them all he is going to marry them, take care of their children, buy them houses, that he is faithful, that they are the loves of his life. Is so low that he actually lies about military deployments and service so he can spend time away with other women. Paul Bisio makes up lies about how he is helping recover dead servicemen and helping send soldiers to prepare for desert combat. All lies so he can cheat! Who dishonors the uniform like that? Reveals confidential information about his patients. Has unprotected sex with all and lies that he is monogamous. Not fit to practice medicine or wear a military uniform. Ladies watch out! Google him!!!!!!!!!!

Women allegedly betrayed by philandering Air Force colonel petition for official investigation – you can help!


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