Darren Ambler (Identified Cyber Stalker) Facebook Forum/ Case Resolved 8/01/2016:

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Identified Cyber stalker: Darren Ambler
Forum: Facebook
Case concluded: Yes:
Date Resolved: 08/01/2016
Attorney Representation: Yes:
Source: Investigation
Result: Permanent Ban from Facebook Forum:

Summary: On or about April 19, 2016 Darren Ambler of Cherry hill New Jersey formerly of Delran NJ, began to Cyber stalk. Harass and Invade the privacy of a former friend on the Facebook Forum. An attorney was secured by harassed party which lasted approximately five (5) weeks. Mr. Ambler was unaware an investigation was underway.

Facts/Summary: Darren Ambler and Harassed party shared a number of “mutual friends” on the Facebook forum. After former friend discovered that Mr. Ambler was engaging in inappropriate behaviors of a sexual nature as well as Pathological lying the friendship “Terminated” abruptly.

Summary/Continued: Fearing that the former friend would reveal to “mutual” Facebook friends the facts he learned about Darren Ambler and his inappropriate behaviors, Darren Ambler began Cyber Stalking the victims Facebook page on a regular basis. In addition, Mr. Ambler began contacting mutal Facebook friends ordering them to “Unfriend” the harassed person immediately. Apparently, Mr. Ambler felt he had a great deal to lose if others found out about his “Secret” Lifestyle. Therefore, he began a deliverate campaign to Cyber Stalk, Intimidate and Harass his former friend attempting to instill fear in this person as well as Intimidate him.

Darren Ambler sent a number of defamatory and false messages about his former friend to select Facebook members by using the Facebook Messenger Feature. Which was a huge mistake on Darren Ambler’s part. All Facebook Messenger messages are saved and stored on special security tapes which can be accessed by Subpoena. The messages ordeing select Facebook friends to unfriend the other party were of significence also. This harassment and stalking went on for over four months. All this time Mr. Ambler was breaking the law and violating Facebook Standards of appropriate conduct.

Facts/Summary: During the 5 week investigation a Subpoena was issued and Darren Ambler’s Facebook information was released to the attorney and the courts. Evidence/ Proofs obtained were: All password information associated with account, copies of log in, log out information, friend lists, mutual friend list, registration information, IP/ISP information associated with account. any and all Facebook Messenger messages sent from Darren Ambler’s account to other Facebook members. All information was secure and time stamped according to specific date and time of day.

Facts: The attorney soon realized that a wealth of Powerful evidence was in his possession. It was quite obvious Mr. Ambler deliberately Cyber Stalked, Harassed and Invaded the Privacy of the former friend on numerous occasions. Two distinciive IP addresses were identified that without any doubt implicated Darren Scott Ambler. There was no way Mr. Ambler could explain the evidence or lie his way out of it. Abuse reports were filed with appropriate Internet providers. After numerous communications between attorney and Facebook Legal on August 1, 2016 Facebook closed Darren Ambler’s existing account. Also, Mr. Ambler received a permanent BAN from Facebook.

Facts/Continued: Mr. Ambler could have been prosecuted for his Cyberstalking and Harassment. On August 21, 2016 the attorney representing the harassed party sent Mr. Ambler a Certified letter. The Letter stated that Darren Ambler was to Cease from any additional Harassment against the former friend. In addition, the letter also informed Darren Ambler that the attorney was in possession of certain Documents and Photos that would prove damaging to Mr. Ambler if court proceedings were initiated.
Proofs Revealed that Darren Ambler Violated the following:

Statute 2C:33:4:1/ Cyber Stalking/ Violation New Jersey:

Statue 2C:33:04/ Harassment/ Violation New Jersey:

Statue 2C:14:09/ Invasion of Privacy/ Violation New Jersey:

*The above violations can carry jail time and court appointed fines.

In addition: Darren Ambler “VIOLATED” Facebook Standard of Conduct “Numerous” times. Therefore url associated with Darren Ambler’s account was closed/

*Pursuing this case in court would have proven costly and could have taken several months. Therefore, the parties involved decided to warn Mr. Ambler and close the case.

*Obviously Mr. Ambler was not mature or responsible enough to maintain a Facebook account.

Additional information please see:

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