Cortnie Cos — Albany, New York

Catfished by Cortnie Cos — Albany, New York! About a year ago, I went to my fiancés family picnic for the first time. First ever meeting 99% of his family and friends. Little did we know also I was currently pregnant with our son which we found out two weeks later. I was warned about the town whore who would be there (Cortnie) and to pay no mind to her because she is the biggest joke of the party and family. Well, of coarse she was in my face the minute she saw me and my fiancé. Pretending to be ‘friends’ which was never happening after all the things I had heard. I was warned she was obsessed with my fiancé which I soon to realize. This washed up bitch was all over him from the minute she got there hugging him, trying to talk to him, taking pictures of him. Mind you.. first time I’m meeting family so I had to tame myself. She kept trying to be my ‘friend’ wouldn’t leave me alone. We ended up leaving and went home. That night this dirty, street whore decided to message my fiancé on social media telling him how I’m not good for him and she’s better and can make him happy and how she told his mother how no good I am. Once again, this bitch was so far up my ass trying to be my friend is was sickening. Of coarse I found the messages and confronted him which he was black out drunk after a day of drinking. I haven’t gotten my fair shot at her and exsposing her will do exactly that! She kept trying with him and continued to get shut down. We found out we were pregnant two weeks later so I never got a chance to beat her ass like she deserves. 1. I’m much classier than that. 2. I have children who look up to me and she doesn’t even has custody of her kid because she’s such a piece of shit whore and is too concerned about guys to care about her own daughter. 3. I sincerely hope she gets an STD if she hasn’t already. I’ve never seen an uglier bitch in my life. Who the hell taught her makeup? Since when is it ok to draw on eyeliner no where near your eyelids. She’s a clown inside and out. She’s the family joke and has absolutely no idea. I’ve never in my life hear so many family members agree on the fact that she’s a home wrecking whore who’s been at it for YEARS. I was not her first or last victim. This bitch needs to be stopped and put on blast. She has to spell her name backwards on Facebook so all the people she messed with can’t find her. Please find her, please ruin her. Cos Cortnie is what she goes by. She deserves nothing but misery.


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