Cortney Bode — Buffalo, Minnesota

Catfished by Cortney Bode — Buffalo, Minnesota! This girl broke up my relationship last year and deserves to have a home wrecker page. She started working as an associate at the store my boyfriend managed in the later half of 2015. I told him that she was trying to wiggle her way into his life as soon as I saw all her Facebook likes and comments on his page, but he always responded that she wasn’t and I didn’t have anything to worry about. My boyfriend and I had been together for 2 years and she had just had a baby from her baby daddy (she has 2) and she wasn’t even 20 yet. She kept liking and commenting and messaging my boyfriend from the time she started working at the store to when things really fell out all about random mundane things just to give herself the attention that her daddy issues can’t handle. When spring rolled around and her and her baby daddy had a falling out, she took that time to make her move.

My boyfriend was already in an altered mental state and the start of a crisis due to his company notifying him and all other manager’s that there would be a nationwide closing of all stores in a matter of months. She would invite my boyfriend to sit in her car after work and talk, which of course led to kissing, him breaking up with me, them sleeping together and running around for about two months with him leaving at the drop of a hat when she called or texted because he felt like she really loved him. I messaged her saying how I wanted her to stop and that she was only hurting him, just to get responses like “I can do whatever I please and plan to.” I finally, after coming to terms that my boyfriend and I may never get back together, sent her messages on how to make him happy and have a lasting relationship with him, to which I got responses like “I’m not really looking for a relationship right now.

” Which only proves how low her selfishness is, just to break a couple up because he was the one she wanted at the time. It was obvious to my boyfriend’s friends and I that he was going through a mental crisis with the closing of his employer’s stores nationwide and it sent him into a manic phase that drained his bank account, mental stability and wellbeing and she was aware as well but took full advantage of what she could use him for. She would rotate between 2 or 3 other guys while they weren’t doing things together and when she needed him to do something she used manipulation and lust to get him to do what it was she wanted him to- ex: helping her move, come over because she was scared (she got kicked out of her baby daddy’s residence when I told him what was going on forcing her to actually get her own place and not leech off of those human beings as well), needed help with her lease etc. My boyfriend finally realized everything that was going on and broke contact with her. Now we are back together again and are working on the hurt that has occurred, and she is now back with her baby daddy she originally left to go screw around.

It’s time she get some attention for just being a slut. She is nothing but trailer trash. All she is going to teach those kids of hers is how to screw one guy to get what you want just to leave him for the next guy to screw and get what you want. It is time she knew that you can’t always get what you want and at some point you have to take responsibility for your actions. The world needs to know she’s a slut. I hope her daughters one day see this and realize just how sleezy she is.


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