Chris Jeffrey Carlsen – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Catfished by Chris Jeffrey Carlsen – Minneapolis, Minnesota! This guy is a total sociopath. He was a lawyer (was disbarred) has a felony, is charming, educated and DANGEROUS. He has herpes, will charm the pants off you, promise the world and it is all LIES…all of it. He dated Catie Wynne (Omaha), Shane Anderson (New Hampshire) and currently Sandra Cook (Minneapolis)….all while being married. He is still married. His kids kicked him out of the home when the grown kids easily discovered he was on several sex sites cheating on their mom. He was married to Leslie Stafford first, abused her, then got Denise McFarland pregnant and married her and then divorced her after molesting her child and married Carol Carlsen. He left her very ill with a life threatening illness, gave her two STD’s and left her homeless. He took all the money and is still married and still cheating on current girlfriend in Minneapolis, Sandra Cook, while he lives in Sioux Falls. He has a felony conviction which is why he was disbarred. He will lie to your face and you will believe him because he is such an excellent and convincing liar. RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND WARN ALL WOMEN YOU KNOW. He is a sexual deviant. He will con you and tell you he loves you and you are the greatest ever….then when he has you hooked in and conned he will start pushing you with his deviancy. He will work years on this and has several women he works on a time. He is on Match….has friends in high places and uses every single one of these people……who are politically connected and well respected. He ruins people lives and is a master at gas lighting. He is financially, emotionally, physically, verbally and sexually abusive. He weaves a believable story you will believe. Remember: YOU were warned.


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