Cheryl Reko – Shakopee, Minnesota

Catfished by Cheryl Reko – Shakopee, Minnesota! This trashy W***E is a married girl that slept with her friend’s husband. She tried to convince him to divorce this wife so that they can be together. This trashy W***E was friends with the spouse for years and in the same social circle. The trashy W***E appeared to be friends during her whole 4 month affair with her friend’s husband. Commenting on every facebook post made by the spouse, chatting with her on snapchat and fitbit, chatting and taking pictures together while in sporting events. Doing all this while the whole time she had been screwing her husband.

The trashy W***E was so disrespectful to her friend. She even slept with her friend’s husband in her friend’s home while she was at work. Then several months after the affair ended this trashy W***E moved to the exact same work location as the man. This was allegedly to get a promotion but actually just so she might be near the man and attempt to take another run at another affair together. Thankfully the husband had been filled with pity and remorse and was attempting to save his marriage, so he desired nothing to do with this trashy W***E any longer and shut her down. . .


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