Caren Mae Yurong Enoferio — Saranggani, Philippines

Catfished by Caren Mae Yurong Enoferio — Saranggani, Philippines! She is Caren Mae Yurong Enoferio. A professional bitch, whore, home-wrecker slut…. name it all for her! She is a private secretary of a certain contractor. And bet ya she lives her life to become a sex-slaves. This is all for a fine dine of her family’s table. She grew up on it. Men in their kind of work come and go. No wonder if she got screwed it all. Just like my best friends’ husband whom she engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse. My friend was devastated for she dreamed of a wonderful and a happy marriages with their son. I’ve known them both since we both went to same university. My friends’ husband is a well family-oriented and have a great faith to God. That’s why when my bestfriend came to me late at night and I couldn’t imagined how devastated she was for her husband’s betrayal, I couldn’t believe it.

I was like I’m the wife who wants to ruin this harlot Caren Mae Enoferio. My friend visited her husband once in a while at work and even invited this strumpet bitch for a lunch. My friend wanted to let his husband’s co-worker know they were family and no one should come cross the line, but this bitch-Caren refused this friendly invitation. Caren-bitch had to put herself away from the crowd because in that time my friend’s husband was her next target.

My friend also brought their son at work-related parties. To summed it up this bitch got what she planned for. She seduced my friend’s husband to the end that any man can’t resist. She changed her way of get up. She’s pity-bitch. She wore skirt that she didn’t normally did and showed more skin. My friends husband worked for 4 years and he noticed it last year when Caren-bitch really seduced him.

Given that my friend’s husband was to blame as well but it will not happened if a bitch wont offer themselves especially she knew he was married and have a wonder family. My friend’s husband confess all of it. The relationship between that bitch is purely sex. No emotions involved. They didn’t even went for a date, a dinner or lunch. He didn’t gave anything for that bitch. He qouted “It was all hurried sex. I leave her undress and went away after that.” This bitch did not used her fuckin’ brain because she doesn’t have it. Obviously that bitch-Caren likes what they were doing that didn’t matter he got nothing from my friends’ husband. If her works is all for money then she is a loser because she ain’t got nothing. She even tried to ask a gold jewelry, but my friends’ husband insulted her for being materialistic. But then their sex relationship lasted for 8 months. It took him 8 months (my friend’s husband)to decide and end all his betrayal. He was a very good father to their son. a very good provider and have all alibis that my friend wont even suspected his lies. My friend and her husband went to a theraphy for making their family full of faith, love, happiness and forgiveness again. For Caren Mae Yurong Enoferio I heard you are dating a policeman…. may his wife or girlfriend know how rotten you are. Your family might have a religious image but look what you are now? Poor bitch Caren. May your schoolmates in STI Davao branch spit on your sweet-kind personality. Look for me if you want more to fuck with because I’L be happy to give your number to men. In that way they can call you to hook up with. But don’t worry readers.. I will give her number to unmarried man. May the site post this to let the world know Caren Enoferio is a pitty bitch.


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