Brittany Rose Mazzuca, Ontario, Canada

Catfished by Brittany Rose Mazzuca, Ontario, Canada! This downtown girl is Brittany Rose Mazzuca..or better known as THE downtown d1ck hopper of 2018. This girl is the perfect mix of inflated ego, daddy issues and the need of acceptance by exposing her genitalia to all the men of Sudbury regardless of age or marital status. Boyfriend or not, this one is the true definition of ratchet. She’s the type you find squatting in others homes, trying to ruin relationships and attempting to gain street credit by making her most intimate areas a doorknob for the whole city to turn. Rich parents+black sheep of family+ serious psychological illnesses= Brittany Rose. The town of Sudbury feel bad for the 1 year old son caught in the middle of her rebellion against her parents. Let’s hope her being kicked into the shelter for her behaviour smartens her up for the sake of her child. Smh it’s time to grow up and act your age. Your son needs a decent mother. A half decent one at least to teach him properly.


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