Amanda Wright – Seattle, Washington

Catfished by Amanda Wright – Seattle, Washington! I feel slightly guilty for putting this chick on the site, as she seemed like a really nice person, but she psycho’d out in the end, so on the site she goes. I met amanda through the yahoo personals, or, or some site like that. We emailed one another back and forth a few times and within a couple days, we met for a date. The first date went pretty well, and she seemed pretty interested, so we planned another date. We went out on a few more dates the first month, and then by the second month we were hanging out a couple times a week. I must have been pretty sprung on her, because I waited like 4-6 weeks before I finally hit it, though looking back on it now, she is cute, but I don’t really have the attraction anymore.

Amanda and I kept seeing one another and after about 2 months, her lease at her apartment ran out and she wanted to move closer to downtown seattle. Now, I HATE moving, wether it be moving myself or moving someone else. being as her and I had been dating for a while though and there was the potential for us to wind up in something long-term, I figured I would save myself some future headaches by offering to help her move. Once I offered, of course she accepted and I spent a saturday with some friends of hers moving her about 20 miles or so. That night after all of the moving was done, we were hanging out and she made some comment about being downtown and living alone and not having any sense of protection. Now, I am not a huge gun enthusiast or anything, but I do own a .45, and I offered to let her keep it there at her apartment so she could feel a little safe. She accepted, and shortly thereafter I brought the gun to her place.

About another month passes and one day I decide to suprise amanda at work with some presents, since she had been telling me she was under alot of stress from work recently. I knew that she liked winnie the pooh, so I went out and bought a really nice pooh teady bear, and I also got a big box of cinnabons since I knew she liked them and drove them down to her work. I met her at her work and gave her the pooh bear and cinnabons, and she said thank you, and hugged me, and told me she would call me that night. Now I kind of found it strange that she said she would call me that night, instead of just hanging out, but I just figured she was acting wierd because she was at work, andI didn’t think much of it. That night she calls me and tells me that she really liked the presents, and that she misses me and would like to see me on saturday, the next day. I told her that I was glad she liked the present and that she could stop by my the next day at like 1pm or so, she agreed and we hung up.

Saturday I make a point of waking up before noon, as this was not the norm because I am a night owl who is usually up all hours of the night coding, and sleeping the daylight hours away. So I get up, get ready to see her, and chill out watching some TV and wait for her to show up. I wait, and wait, and then I wait some more. At about 4pm I called her cell phone, no answer, so I left a voicemail message saying I was wondering if she was still coming over, etc. At about 6pm I still haven’t heard from her and i’m getting rather hungry, so I go out to grab some food. I open my front door to go down to my car and I look down and I see a backpack which I had previously left at amandas. The backpack was one of those ones that has an outter pocket made out of mesh material, and in the mesh pocket, in plain view of anyone who walked by was my loaded .45 which I had loaned her. I thought this was really strange and so I picked it up and brought it inside. Once I opened the backpack up I found a couple other items of mine which I had apparently left at amanda’s place, and I found a hand written note from her. I opened up the letter and it read. Some parts of the letter were pretty unreadable, but from what I could read, she said that she didn’t want to date me anymore because she thought I was a biggot. She went on to say that at one point in her life she had witnessed one of her friends getting a racially motivated beating, and that she thought I was a biggot based off of some comment I made like “damn asian women drivers are the worst” after being cut off by one on the freeway.

I had only been dating amanda for like 3 months, and we weren’t exclusive or anything, so it isn’t like this was a huge blow, but at the time I was pretty sprung on her, so this kind of bothered me. After a day or 2 of not hearing from her, I shot her an email, figuring it was probably the least-invasive way of asking “WTF?”, and told her I thought she was totally taking my comment out of context and blowing it out of proportion, but that if she wanted to not date anymore, that was perfectly ok with me, no hard feelings. She emailed me back saying that maybe I was right that she had jumped the gun on calling me a biggot, and that she really liked me alot, and to give her a couple days to think things over. I let a week pass I and still no word from her, so I shot her another email and never got a reply.

About 6 months goes by and I have almost completely forgotten about dating her, when out of the blue a friend of mine messages me and asks me “who is this amanda wright?” Apparently she had met him on yahoo personals and in going through some online photos he had sent her, she found pictures of me and told him that she knew me. I relayed my whole story about her and I to him and told him he was more than welcome to go after her if he wanted, but to just watch out cuz he might get a dear john letter.

Another 9 months goes by and one day I get a Yahoo icebreaker from some chick. I go to check out who it is and to my suprise it is amanda. The icebreaker said something like “Wanna Talk” or something, so I replied with the icebreaker like “Sure, lets talk” or something. I let a couple days pass and I looked up an old email from her and fired her an email asking her if she actually wanted to talk to me, or if she was just unaware that the yahoo profile was me and that we had dated until she wrote me a note and left it on my doorstep. Never got a reply to that email either.


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