Amanda Blanton — Houston, Texas

Catfished by Amanda Blanton — Houston, Texas! This nasty b1tch is also a real live floozy.. With major daddy issues.. She’s already gotten pregnant twice this year by 2 different victims even though she’s already got a 1yr old she bounces around from home to home. The poor bastards got lucky they didnt have a high enough credit score or she’d have kept those babies too. She’s also got an older child closer to 10 that she lost custody of when he was about 1. Poor baby was almost killed at the hands of her boyfriend and her and has permanent brain damage from the incident. You better triple wrap your junk if you plan on banging this one otherwise you’ll be pounding 1/2 of Houston and surrounding cities. Seriously, this bitch wouldn’t know a condom if it bit her in the snatch. She had an drd when she was pregnant, and it didn’t come from the baby daddy. She thinks she’s a high dollar whore, but she’s really just a cheap bottom feeder whose asshole has had more d1ck than the urinals at the strip club. Hoe check !!!


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