Alexandria Dossantos — Windsor, Canada

Catfished by Alexandria Dossantos — Windsor, Canada! Not only does this girl pretend so be friends with anyone who will let her, but she also uses guys like they’re plastic bags, so watch out brothers. When it comes to Alexandria, we’re talking sociopathic tendencies. If you look up the characters of a sociopath this girl matches all of them. Her mommy takes her on trips around the world so this automatically makes her an Instagram model, since she posts a sh1t ton of pictures each trip. She acts like she has so much money when in reality she’s using multiple men to buy her sh1t. Dead a55 has had guts cry to her wanting a relationship but her ice cold a55 wants nothing more than sex and gifts. She uses people for their money, cars, booze, weed, and a good time. She bought a fake ID to get into clubs at the age of 17 in Windsor and now that’s all she ever does on the weekends, and she knows she can get away with it because she’s a bitch and could ruin anyone who gets in her way. But wait, there’s more. She treats her family like dirt and talks to everybody like she has some kind of power over them. She treats her family as if they’re her servants and displays their relationships on social media as her having the closest family bond. If you want to find Alexandria Dossantos, you can either A) find her with her giant “best friend” Daniella Grieve, or B) you could find her double hand twist gawk gawking in the back seat of someone’s bendz.


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