Aidan Courtright (Antifa Following Radical) Fall River, MA


Scumbag Antifa follower, Aidan Courtright is a disgusting, low-life, piece of white trash who attacked an 82 elderly US veteran man, by the name of Charles Chace.

This abhorrent maggot, Aidan Courtright attacked 82 year old Charles Chace because Mr. Chace was holding up a pro-Trump sign. According to police, Courtright grabbed and destroyed the sign from the elderly veteran. Courtright then pushed the victim, Charles Chace, to the ground and kicked him with ‘leather pointed shoes’ while he was on the ground.

Aidan Courtright is charged with committing a civil rights violation with injury; assault and battery on a person over 60 years old; vandalizing property; and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a person over 60, police said. Plus, this leftist loser is an Antifa supporting radical and a terrorist-in-training. He needs to be locked up.

This pig, Aidan Courtright lives in Fall River, Massachusetts. For those men out there who want to pay this sorry piece of shit a visit, he lives over 41 Bowling Green Drive Fall River, MA.

For the women out there, please avoid this individual, for he violently attacks those that are weaker than him. If he goes around beating up elderly men for fun, imagine what he’ll do to you, if he gets angry enough.

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  1. The street address that is written above is wrong. Some news source probably messed that up on purpose. This scumbag lives at South Winds Apartments in Fall River. Here is his correct address:


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